Cameroon Calling Cards

Cameroon Calling Cards

Calling from USA to Cameroon
Use Enjoy Prepaid calling plans for great savings on ALL your international destinations worldwide!
Ruby Plan Details
  • Cameroon
  • Cameroon - Cell
  • Cameroon - Douala

Rounding 5 minutes Weekly Fee 99¢/week Works with NobelApp

Sapphire Plan Details
  • Cameroon
  • Cameroon - Cell
  • Cameroon - Douala

Rounding 2 minutes Weekly Fee 69¢/week Works with NobelApp

Emerald Plan Details
  • Cameroon
  • Cameroon - Cell
  • Cameroon - Douala

Rounding 1 minute Weekly Fee None Works with NobelApp

Diamond Plan Details
  • Cameroon
  • Cameroon - Cell
  • Cameroon - Douala

Rounding 1 second Weekly Fee None Works with NobelApp

Roaming charges are applied by your phone provider for calling from your cell phone to an access number when outside your country.
You may consult your local access numbers here.

What Cameroon calling card plan should I choose?

Enjoy Prepaid offers a variety of calling card plans, each created to meet the different needs of different customers. Use the guidelines below to determine which plan best fits your requirements, based on your calling patterns:

  • If you place long calls frequently - get a calling plan with a 5-minute or 2-minute rounding. The rate per minute is lower and this will give you an overall lower cost for your calls.
  • For shorter and less frequent calls - select a plan with a shorter rounding period (1-minute or 1-second), and no connection fee. Even if the rates are a bit higher than on the higher rounding plans, this is still the best option for calls placed once in a while, which only last a few minutes.

How do I buy Cameroon calling cards?

Get your calling card from Enjoy Prepaid in only 3 clicks:

  • Select your preferred plan form the list above by clicking on "Buy Now"
  • Complete the order form (it takes less than 2 minutes) and click "Place Order"
  • Review and confirm your order details, by clicking on "Confirm Order" ... and you're done!

In the following minutes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order you've placed.

How do I use my Cameroon calling card?

Once you've received your PIN, you can start using your plan; just follow these simple dialing instructions:

  • Dial an access number - 800/888 or local access; access numbers are available here: Local Access Numbers
  • Follow the instructions you will hear; when asked, enter your calling plan's PIN code;
  • When prompted, enter the phone number in international format (country code included);

Please make sure you DO NOT PRESS CALL or SEND BUTTON on your phone after you enter the destination number. This is to avoid being charged by your cellular provider for the international call.

Your call will be connected in just a few moments; for an easier dialing process, we recommend you activate PINless dialing and Speed Dial.

Why use Enjoy Prepaid Cameroon calling cards?

With Enjoy Prepaid, you get more than just low rates for your international calls:

  • Manage your account online - and manage your PIN yourself, whenever you want (refill, upgrade plan, configure Speed Dial, etc)
  • Win Nobel Points - which you can use to get discounts on refills, to upgrade your calling plan or to transfer to another account
  • Contact us, whenever - our Customer Support dept. is available 24/7, so you can call us whenever you need additional information

What calling features do I have on my Cameroon calling card?

Once you've signed up with Enjoy Prepaid, you can enjoy all of its great functionalities and features:

  • Pinless Dialing - you're no longer required to enter your PIN during the dial process
  • Speed Dial - type in just two keys instead of the entire phone number
  • Last Number Redial - pressing only (*0) when asked to enter the destination number
  • Call Continue - stay on the line after ending a call and press (**) then dial the new number you want to call
  • Speed Connect - after entering the destination number, hit (#) key to expedite your calls
  • PC-2-Phone - call and send SMS from the comfort of your PC using the same EnjoyPrepaid account

More Information About  Cameroon ...

Cameroon is a country located in the western central Africa, with the capital city in Yaounde. Yaounde is the second largest city after the port city of Douala. Cameroon got its independence from England and France only in 1960. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, and more than 30% of Cameroon"s population lives on less than 1.25 dollars a day.
Cameroon is famous for its production of coffee, cocoa, cotton, bananas and oils. It is the first African country to reach the quarterfinals of the Football World Cup in 1990; also the African country that was qualified to most final tournaments, seven.
Cameroon is nicknamed "Africa in miniature" because of its cultural and ethnic diversity. Here are around 250 ethnic groups speaking 270 languages and dialects. Pygmies are probably the oldest inhabitants of Cameroon. Their tribes are still found in the forests in the South and East parts of the country.
The tourist attractions include Musee d"Art Cameroonais in the Benedict Monastery, the beaches with white sand close to Limbe (former Victoria), the traditional buildings from the age of German colonization in Foumban (the Bafut Fon palace), Musee du Palais, Musee des Arts et des Traditions Bamoun, the National Parks Benoue, Waza and Bouba where you can see buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, hyenas, giraffes, panthers, lions and a variety of monkeys, elephants, antelopes, rhinos and many other animals.

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With Enjoy Prepaid's Cameroon calling cards you are guaranteed to achieve great savings on your long distance calls to hundreds of international destinations. All cards are eligible for PINless dialing, Auto Refill, Speed Dial and many more options.

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NobelApp Credit

International calls from smartphones iPhone & Android

Destination Rate
Cameroon 13.9¢
Cameroon - Douala 13.9¢
Cameroon - Cell 34.9¢
Cameroon - SMS 22¢

NobelApp features:

  • Connect through Wi-Fi/3G or Access Numbers
  • 24/7 in-app Chat Support
  • Works with all EnjoyPrepaid calling cards

With NobelApp Credit you can:

  • Top up your friends' mobile phones worldwide
  • Send international SMS
  • Check your Call History

Billing details

  • 1 minute rounding
  • Expires 183 days after last use
  • NO weekly/monthly fee
  • A fee of 1 minute is charged at the end of your calls

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